Public & Private Bike Sharing.

Bicycle sharing programs have exploded in popularity the last decade. Accessibility and affordability have helped to promote the concept of a short-term bike rental system as a win-win for just about anyone who is willing to ditch the car for a bike. Commuters can leave the stress of congested city traffic at the car park and utilise a cost effective bike share. Tourists can enjoy meandering without having to hassle with multiple bus transfers, taxi fares and sore feet. The benefits to the environment are significant as more and more cities and towns sign up to a share scheme.

Bikelink makes the process even easier than ever before as the local councils and on campus hosts don’t have the carry the capital costs  associated with traditional “Station” based share schemes.

The most successful systems worldwide utilise automated systems like the Dublin Bike Scheme.

Our system is very similar, but does not require any docking stations, as all the technology is built into the bike and its locking system. We utilise existing public and private bike stands, thus allowing for a fast roll out without requiring any civil works or additional costs.

The sourcing, rental, unlocking and locking is all controlled by a mobile App which users can download free of charge. Rental costs are from as little as €0.80c per hour or an annual subscription is also available for just €90 entitling the user to 4 rides per day.

The bikelink system is easy to use, cheap to operate and a lot of fun which will encourage members of the public and tourists alike to use a bike for the shorter journeys across towns and cities.

There are no associated capital costs for the hosts as we provide all the bikes, maintenance and insurance for a fixed annual contract price.

We are currently looking for suitable host locations across the West of Ireland and are in discussions with several County Councils interested in improving their logistical facilities.

If you would like to see a bike share scheme in your local town or city please contact us today for further information.